Before and After School Program

BALOGO 2017Parents / Guardians,

We are excited to announce this upcoming years B & A program updates and changes!

First off we want to welcome our new Administrator, Tera Deines and Program Director Lorenzo “Larry” Martinez.

Let me begin by listing a couple of changes we would like everyone to be aware of.

1. B & A has moved from PVIS to the Middle School campus.

2. We have updated the pricing of the program.

At the B & A program we believe in supporting the participants educational growth through a variety of methods. We also want to be a support to their families and the teachers that work with them. With that we are sure to build a program with a heavy emphasis on educational development while making it enjoyable to attend. Each day participants will be given time to work on homework before other activities begin. Our staff will be available to assist with this when it is needed. After homework time students will then enjoy a variety of themed program activities created to help each of them grow. Below is a breakdown of daily activity themes with a description of how each plays into the program.

Mystery Monday – Like every great mystery discovery will be the leading message today. Participants will discover things related to geography such as other countries and places around the world. They may also discover through science and math.

Time to read Tuesday – Reading is very important therefore Tuesday will be dedicated to stories. There will be a group story time and also ample time for students to read alone and discuss their books. Any projects will be built around reading and specific stories.

Writing Wednesdays – These days are days of creativity. Writing their own stories will help students think critically and will give them a chance to express themselves through time spent writing. Younger participants will get assistance in the basics.

Thank You Thursday – Appreciation is important in developing healthy communication and solid relationships. This day participants will do projects related to thanking people close to them. We will learn to say thank you and other manners that matter. Students will learn how teachers, police, firefighters, medics, and other service providers help and will do something special to show their appreciation.

Physical Friday – This will be a day of organized physical activities. From athletics to relays and exercise participants will learn the importance of physical activity and how it helps to develop healthy lifestyles. On this day we will also have time to learn about good nutrition and what we should be feeding our bodies.

We hope and expect that participants will grow mentally and physically through this model. Each day will have the same basic components. These will be modified for the theme of the day but at the core will keep a consistent program. Below are the basic components:

  • Free Play
  • Homework time
  • Daily meeting
  • Snack
  • Creative project/physical activity
  • Quiet time

Morning participants will have a modified program that will fit with the shorter timeframe. Early dismissal will also have a modified program that will allow for activities to be lengthened.

Finally we would like to share with you the new pricing for the program. We want to be sure that every student who needs the program is able to participate. Our pricing has been simplified for you convenience.

Full Time: $100/Month – This covers both morning and afternoon sessions as well as early dismissal days.

Part time: $50/Month – This covers either the AM or PM sessions. It also covers early dismissal days for PM participants.

Summer Fees: Full Day – $100/Month Half Day – $50/Month

If you have any questions please contact Program Director Larry Martinez at (505) 455-4042.