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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PowerSchool

What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is an online application providing safe access to grades and attendance for students in K through 12th grade.

Information displayed is as current as the last time front offices and teachers entered and saved attendance and grade book information at the school site.

Who can use the PowerSchool parent portal service?

• Available to parents/legal guardians of students at all of our schools. Students at these schools will have their own individual (student) accounts as well.

• Not available for preschool.

 What if I have more than one student in grades K-12?

No problem, just get the ID and password for your respective child from their respective school site. Once you have it, just add the child to your current login with the credentials and you can view all your kids in one screen.

Can I change my PowerSchool User name and/or Password?

You cannot change your Username, however, you can change your Password.

Can more than one parent/guardian have access to a child’s account?

Yes, but please note:

• Parents must have legal rights to view their child’s school records.
• It is the responsibility of all parents and legal guardians to coordinate the sharing/protection of the login credentials.

How do I use PowerSchool?

Once you’ve logged into the system, you will see a screen that has icons on the left hand side.

By clicking on each of the links on the left side of the screen, you will be able to view current grades and attendance, grade and attendance history, teacher comments and information posted on the PowerSchool bulletin.

The Email Notification screen allows for automatic emailing of current grades and attendance to an email address or addresses that you specify.

Can students access their own accounts?

Yes, students are provided their student account logins by school staff, typically their school Counselor, but this is only available for Middle School High School Students at this time.

Who do I contact if my child’s information (grades, attendance, etc.) seems wrong?

Basic student information corrections: Front office of your child’s school
Attendance: Attendance office of your child’s school
Assignment and/or Grade Concerns: Please do not contact teachers regarding a grade until you have addressed your concern with your child. This service is not intended to increase the volume of calls/emails to teachers, but to assist you in working with your child first to address concerns before it is too late. Follow up with the teacher as needed afterward.

I forgot my user name and/or password!

Just go to the parent portal at and then click on “Having Trouble Signing In?”

Sign-Up for PowerSchool


Following the instructions for creating a PowerSchool for parents’ account, as the first step, please complete the form below to receive your access ID and password.  Please complete one form per child.  Click here for instructions


Siguiendo las instrucciones para crear un PowerSchool para cuenta de padres, como primer paso, por favor complete el siguiente formulario para recibir su ID de acceso y contraseña. Por favor complete un formulario por niño. Haga clic aquí para instrucciones

PARENT INFORMATION (información para padres):

STUDENT INFORMATION (estudiante información):

reCAPTCHA is required.


Pay for my Child's Lunch

You can pay for your child’s lunch and breakfast through MySchoolBucks.

For more information or assistance creating an account, please contact Ms. Deborah Cowan in the Food Services Department.

Get Answers to Bus Transportation

If you have questions or concerns regarding transportation, please contact Mr. Robert Cantu in the Transportation Office at (505) 455-4040 or visit the Transportation Department page.

Participate in Athletics

Participating in any extra-curricular activity is a privilege and not a right. Athletes must have proper documentation filled out and submitted to the head coach of each sport before practice can begin.

Please contact the Athletics Office at (505) 455-2234, Ext. 1050, or visit the Athletics Department page for more information.

Apply for Free or Reduced Meals

Applications for free or reduced meals for the 2018-2019 school year are posted on the Food Services Department page.

Mental Health Resources

Pojoaque Valley School District strives to help each student function successfully in their academic lives.
When students are faced with excessive stress or difficult personal problems, psychological and psychiatric support may be helpful or necessary.
Click here for Mental Health Service Providers
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