The Beautiful Pojoaque Valley

Pojoaque Valley Public Schools is situated in a valley just north of Santa Fe between the backdrops of the Jemez Mountains (to the west) and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (to the east). Pojoaque Valley Schools serves the Pojoaque Valley and the communities of Nambé, Jaconita, Tesuque, El Rancho, Arroyo Seco, and San Ildefonso. The district has one high school, one middle school, one intermediate school, one sixth grade academy and one elementary. Pojoaque Valley Schools is a collection of communities near the Pojoaque Pueblo with people from various ethnic backgrounds. The Pojoaque Valley School District (PVSD) serves approximately 2,000 students including students from the Pueblos of Nambe, Pojoaque, Ohkay Owingeh, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, and Tesuque.

Our District's Strategic Plan

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Our Purpose
Strengthening our future one student at a time…
Our Mission
Deliver Comprehensive educational excellence that prepares students for success through effective leadership and consistent well-integrated systems in collaboration with stakeholders.
Our Vision
Ensure quality education that inspires all students to succeed
  1. Increase collaborative leadership development at all levels across the district

  2. Advance student success including academic growth, achievement, well-being, and educational excellence.

  3. Develop and implement a proactive approach for parental engagement.

  4. Develop and implement a proactive community engagement approach

  5. Define, develop, and implement consistent systems for use across the district.

Facilities Master Plan 2014 - 2019
Master Planning Long Term Care Facilities copy

The intent of the Facilities Master Plan is to identify existing facility conditions, past and future enrollment, review of the district’s educational program, the identification of new or replacement facilities to meet the needs of the district.

This Facilities Master Plan is designed to be a flexible planning tool to identify facility issues and programmatic needs to the community, parents, staff and the Pojoaque Valley Schools Board of Education and offer periodic input and revision as conditions change and new needs are identified within the district. The plan identifies capital needs and allocates resources to address the following facility issues:

·· Life/health/safety

·· Educational and programmatic needs and curriculum needs

·· Provision for growth (additions and new construction)

·· Facility Renewal Needs (renovations/ refurbishment)

·· Educational technology

·· Energy management

The Facilities Master Plan is comprised of four main sections:

Section 1 – Goals / Process provides information about the charter school’s goals and the planning process.

Section 2 – Existing and Projected Conditions provides information about facilities used by the school, enrollment, technology, and capital resources.

Section 3 – Capital Improvement Plan provides information about capital needs, project

priorities, and implementation strategies.

Section 4 – Master Plan Supporting Material contains detailed information about school

facilities, evaluations, plans, and other information.