Graduation Day Parade

May 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM (Jacona Campus)


We are very excited to announce the Celebration of the Class of 2020!  The parade will start at the Middle School at 10:00 am and be lead by our distinguished guests on the following route:  To the East Side frontage road or Cities of Gold Road through Pojoaque to Viarrael Street, across 285/84 to the West Side frontage road Ogo Wii Road to Phillips 66/Subway, onto 285/84 to State Road 502 and to the high school.  Students will circle the Jacona Campus and receive their diploma from their car.

In order to enter the campus at the high school, you must have already received a parking pass.  Each senior received one family pass to park on campus.  If you are on campus, you must stay in your vehicle and wear a mask.  All other well wishers can cheer for the seniors as they pass any of the areas along the route.   Only seniors will be allowed on the Middle School Campus and all vehicle occupants must wear a mask.

Please make sure you practice social distancing and wear a mask when in public.  We hope to see you tomorrow!


Graduation Procedures:
  • Board will arrive at Central Office between 9:00 and 9:30 am
  • Coffee and donuts will be provided
  • Attire is business casual – please wear sunscreen and a hat if necessary.  We do not have coverage with the distancing that we have to do
  • The board will be staged after the diploma is given – at least 6 feet apart and at least 6 feet from the car procession – it will be in the student drop off loop near the Central Office
  • There will be a loud speaker announcing the names
  • This will be on Facebook Live
Parents and Seniors
  • They will arrive at the Middle School at the assigned time – we have it divided up into 15 minute increments and 25 seniors within each time frame.  They will be lined up in parking spaces in order prior to leaving the Middle School
  • Someone over the age of 18 must drive the car – NOT the senior.
  • The senior must be on a specific side of the car to receive the diploma
  • All people must be seated and in seat belts
  • No RVs or trailers
  • All people must stay in the car at all times
  • Each senior will be given one family pass to come onto the campus – this is for one car – no RVs or Trailers
  • All people must be seated and in seat belts
  • No one can get out of their vehicle
  • The pass to enter will be in groups of 25
  • The first 25 seniors will have their families park closest to the diploma area
  • After the first 25 seniors go through the line, the 25 families will leave the parking lot and the next wave will drive to the front – the next 25 seniors will go through to get their diploma.  This will continue 5 times until every senior has gone through the line.
  • Employees can request a ticket – one per employee
  • Employees will park along the route on the campus
  • They cannot get out of their car for any reason
  • All people must be seated and in seat belts
  • Tickets will be prioritized by relation to student and then everyone else if we have too many requests it will be handled by lottery – I do not believe this will be an issue
  • We did not invite all of the dignitaries that we usually do but we will invite them to the actual ceremony when we have it.
  • We did not invite everyone due to the limited time frame and because of limited space