From the desk of Superintendent Dr. Melville (Mel) Morgan:

Water Trust Board Funding


Pojoaque School District received a $400,000 award from the Water Trust Board (WTB) to improve its water system. Mr. Adan Delgado, former Superintendent, Mr. Jon Paul Romero, current Board President, and Mr. David Ortiz, former Board President worked diligently to submit an application to the Water Trust Board for funds to improve our water services.


PVSD runs a water system for staff, students and visitors that number in excess of 2,500 people on a daily basis and more when activities are held in District. Our water system is larger and more complex than many municipal water systems in New Mexico. In fact, this is the first time the Water Trust Board has funded a school district, thanks to Mr. Delgado’s convincing and compelling appeal.


On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, PVSD officials were notified and participated in a WTB meeting where they were granted the funds to improve and further develop the water system. This is a wonderful legacy that Mr. Delgado, Mr. Romero, and Mr. Ortiz put in place for the Pojoaque Valley School District that will benefit the our children for years to come.


As stated in the application, the general description submitted in the request was:


. . . PVSD has a failing water system (storage, conveyance, delivery, treatment) and serious water quality concerns within its water system. This project qualifies as water storage, conveyance, delivery, conservation, and treatment. Losses are approximately 2 million gallons per year with the useful life of much of the system exceeded by 5 to 10 years. Source water contains arsenic and uranium by-product which exceeded EPS/NMPED standards. One of the two wells at the Main Campus is not fully operational. To date, PVSD has spent over $100,000.00 to begin a four-year remediation program; an estimated $675,000.00 is required to rehabilitate the water supply system and to complete remediation. Currently PVSD provides water to 2,250+ students and staff as well as thousands of visitors. $400,000.00 is being requested to remediate the water system within 2 years and enable us to maintain NMPED/EPA quality standards while conserving approximately 8 million gallons of water loss over the four year period.


In the final tabulation, PVSD was ranked 4th out of 46 applicants in the category of Water Storage, Conveyance and Delivery.  Only 16 applicants received awards in this category.