Pojoaque Valley High School

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Principal: Kathy McClendon kmc*pvs.k12.nm.us
Assistant Principal: Skip Hemperley msh*pvs.k12.nm.us

Message from Principal Kathy McClendon: The new school year started where the last year ended – working to provide opportunities for students to succeed and graduate. Pojoaque Valley High School had the honor of celebrating graduation again at the end of the summer of 2013, graduating three more people from the 2013 graduating class. School has opened with returning and new students and teachers. We are excited to welcome each and look forward to a productive year. LinkCrew, a day of welcoming our new freshmen, was a great way to start the 2013-2014 school year. More activities to keep the support open are already being facilitated.

School works because we have highly trained and committed teachers. The teachers have already begun the rigor of the process of Cornell note-taking, Socratic conversations, instruction and assessment, critical reading strategies, vocabulary acquisition, project-based learning, collaborative professional work, and preparation for college trips and other academic field trips. The teachers are implementing new office hours for students who might need to meet with them during lunch. Clubs and their sponsors have begun their work; the Student Governance Team and all the class representatives have begun planning for student activities and opportunities.

Safety and security are important aspects of a school providing an atmosphere conducive to learning. The required fire drills and the first lockdown drill for the year have been executed with full cooperation of staff and students and great guidance from security and the Crisis Management Team. Students have been professional and helpful in their participation in these activities.

Many activities balance out a well-rounded education experience. Athletics and academics go hand in hand. We are already cheering on the volleyball, cross country, football, soccer, and cheerleading teams. Equally important are the academic teams, i.e., mock trials, journalism, culinary art, visual art, and others, which are working on their skills and strategies for success in upcoming competitions and presentations.

Pojoaque Valley High School is proud to be nestled in the community of the valley of Pojoaque with great teachers, superb support staff, qualified maintenance and custodial staff, amazing security and discipline staff, caring and meticulous counseling staff, skilled technology personnel, conscientious Special Education faculty, tireless athletic personnel, committed secretarial staff, collaborative parents and community stakeholders, and supportive district personnel and administration. Thank you all for supporting education in Pojoaque Schools.


Total Students:624



Pojoaque Valley High School Staff

Donna Herrera Secretary
Connie Garcia Secretary
Deborah Cowan Bookkeeper
Linda Esquibel Counselor
Edwina Roybal Counselor
Ymelda Roybal Counselor
Sheila Fresquez Library Assistant
Viola Gonzales Library Assistant
Carrie Garcia Registrar
Felix Benavidez Social Worker
Rhonda Evenhus Speech Therapist
Mark Loera Native American Liason
Crusita Yordy Counselor Secretary
Maria Cordova Nurse Assistant
Louie Maestas ISS
Ann Robinson Instructional Assistant
Zach Gonzales Instructional Assistant
Carmen Herrera Instructional Assistant
Gary Johnson Discipline Officer
Adolf Archuleta Security
Annette Madrid Security
Herman Salazar Security
Dennis Roybal Security
Miguel Herrera Security
Darian Gonzales Security
Carlos Martinez Maintenance
Ray Santos Maintenance
Ricardo Delvo Custodian
Yolanda Diaz Custodian
Pojoaque Valley High School Teachers

Lorna Alesi Teacher
Jacob Archuleta Teacher
Kerry Benson Teacher
Michael Brown Teacher
Thor Christensen Teacher
Ricky DeHerrera Teacher
Glenda DePaula Teacher
Marian Escalanti Teacher
Robert Estep Teacher
Albert Fernandez Teacher
Johnell Gonzales-Lujan Teacher
Isabel Hudson Teacher
Aaron Imber Teacher
Hari Kaur Khalsa Teacher
Olivia Lujan Teacher
Ramona Martinez Teacher
Debra Minyard Teacher
Angelo Montoya Teacher
Mandy Montoya Teacher
Suzanne Montoya Teacher
Patricia Osborne Teacher
Chris Pederson Teacher
Susan Rudolph-Quintana Teacher
James Rathjen Teacher
Chelsea Redman Teacher
Joanna Roybal Teacher
Joe Schaumberg Teacher
Joey Trujillo Teacher
Lenore Trujillo Teacher
Mario Vigil Teacher
Mary Lou Violante Teacher
Barbara Williams Teacher
Eric Zamora Teacher
      For the 2013/2014 school year; High school students should bring a 2″ binder, binder paper, pen, eraser, highlighters, and pencils.


      Teachers will give students the list of specific needs for their classes on the first few days of school.