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January 4, 2018

Parents and Guardians of PVMS Scholars,

Effective this semester scholars are being held more accountable for their own classroom learning.

Within a few weeks, our Phase 2 Scholar Classroom Discipline Process will be going into effect.

Scholars that have already had 3 classroom disciplinary write-ups and served 3 lunch detentions and had a conference with parent/guardians, counselor, and teacher will move directly into Phase 2. All other scholars continue with the current process that can be found in your daily planner on page 3.

“No longer can disrupting the learning of others or simply refusing to do classwork be an option here at PVMS for any scholar.”

While all the details are being finalized, scholars who refuse to demonstrate PRIDE behavior in their classes are facing time out of their classes. A documented referral will be sent to the principal. The principal will then schedule that scholar to ISS 101. There the scholar will work on grade level teacher prepared materials only.

Those scholars will then be allowed an opportunity to return to their regular schedule, if they have met the required expectations. Should the same scholar receive another referral, or refuse to complete the assigned skill work, the principal will schedule that scholar back to ISS 101. In addition, that scholar will be required to make up missed classroom work as well as incomplete skill work at our new mandatory Saturday School.

Teachers and principal have volunteered, without pay, to be here on Saturday’s, with those scholars that must attend. Saturday School will run from 8-12. Our first Saturday School is scheduled for January 20th. Parent/Guardians will be required to bring their scholar on the designated Saturday. Should a scholar fail to show up to Saturday School, additional consequences will be implemented following Action Levels 2-4, found in scholar’s daily planner page 3.

If there are any parents/guardians that would like to learn more about PHASE 2 of our Scholars Classroom Progressive Discipline plan, please contact Ms. Trujillo at 455-2239.

PVMS Staff Listing for 2017-2018OccupationEmail
Aguilar, Daniel M.Security Guardda1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Baca, JonathanMath Teacherjsb@pvs.k12.nm.us
Cordova, PriscillaSecretarypmc@pvs.k12.nm.us
Cortez, CharlesPhysical Educationccortez@pvs.k12.nm.us
Dienes, TeraMath Teachertld@pvs.k12.nm.us
Gallegos, SusanStudent Servicessag@pvs.k12.nm.us
Garcia, ConnieSecretaryconnieg@pvs.k12.nm.us
Garcia, RobertSocial Worker/Counselor Supportrdg@pvs.k12.nm.us
Gurule, CindyInstructional Assistant - Libraryclgurule@pvs.k12.nm.us
Hudson, IsabelChoiribh@pvs.k12.nm.us
Herrera, DonnaHealth Assistantdmh@pvs.k12.nm.us
Klose, LauraSpanishlk1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Koski, RobertPE/Fitness and Conditioningrak@pvs.k12.nm.us
Lopez, Jennifer B.8th Grade Englishjbl@pvs.k12.nm.us
Maestas, AndreaISSdrea@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, LorraineSpanish Teacherlcm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez-Gonzales, GenevieveBookkeepergmg@pvs.k12.nm.us
McFerrin, JeannieBusiness/Computer Applicationsjmcferrin@pvs.k12.nm.us
Montes, JesusBand/Guitarjcm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Moore, Winnona7th Grade Englishwim@pvs.k12.nm.us
Naranjo, VictoriaMath Teachervan@pvs.k12.nm.us
Rios-Acuna, JulianInstructional Assistant jra@pvs.k12.nm.us
Rojo, MiriamCustodialmar@pvs.k12.nm.us
Romero, Loretta8th Grade US Historylrp@pvs.k12.nm.us
Sabato, LaurenArt/Photographysabato@pvs.k12.nm.us
Seaboy, Danielle8th Grade Englishdbs@pvs.k12.nm.us
Specht, MabelCounselorms1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Trujillo, VeraPrincipalvat@pvs.k12.nm.us
Turner, RaquelInstructional Assistantrmt@pvs.k12.nm.us
Ulibarri, Camille8th Grade Sciencecru@pvs.k12.nm.us
Valdez, Roxanne7th Grade NM Historyrhv@pvs.k12.nm.us
Vigil, DanielSecurity Guarddtv@pvs.k12.nm.us
Wheeler, AricSecurity/Discipline Officeramw@pvs.k12.nm.us

Pojoaque Valley School District provides a safe and enriching daycare environment and quality program for elementary and intermediate students (grades K-8).

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New Online Resources


This is a great resource that we have been using in the classroom once a week. I am encouraging students to use this at home also. There is an app they can download for their smartphone which makes it more accessible. They each have their username and password so they can log in.  As they log on and complete lessons this will count towards their class grade. I am also giving an award and a prize per 9 week grading period to the student with the most points and lessons passed.

Click here for this great Math Resource!

learn-site-header copy

There is a new Reading initiative between the 7th and 8th Grade English Department and the company, Reading Plus. This program will be part of our Response to Intervention (RTI) goals to help our scholars improve reading fluency, stamina, and comprehension.  Please take a moment to review the information provided here to become more acquainted with this powerful tool designed to meet each individual’s scholar’s reading needs and interests.

Program Overview

In addition, your scholar can access this website at home and continue to proceed through their individualized reading program. The more they do, the more improvements will be seen. Most scholars have completed the initial Insight assessment, and this information is available to you online.  Please have your scholar log on at the following address, and select students. Their password is their Student ID number and their password is their last name.

Log-In to Reading Plus

wr-logo-1556fc7cf7c04a231524bd2d386c64e22bb2f8cff29d55d70d55c1172f831f0e copy

Another great resource that we have been able to add to our Reading and Writing program is Whooo’s Reading- which is a free and improved version of Accelerated Reader . Students can access their account here:

Whooo’s Reading Log-In

Scholar  usernames and passwords are unique to the program, and have been handed out in card format. Students select an  avatar and are able to personalize it  as they progress. Teachers will be incorporating this activity into  Book Talk grades, so you will want to become familiar with this website as well.


Click here for a great resource for parents to understand the PARCC grades 3-8.