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PVHS Staff for 2017-2018

PVHS Staff Listing for 2017-2018  
Archuleta, Adolf R.Security Guardara@pvs.k12.nm.us
Baca, Jennifer J.Principaljjb@pvs.k12.nm.us
Backhaus, EkaterinaMath Teachereyb@pvs.k12.nm.us
Batchelder, MatthewMath Teachermhb@pvs.k12.nm.us
Becker-Hudson, IsabelChoir/Music Teacheribh@pvs.k12.nm.us
Benavidez, Felix C.Social Workerfcb@pvs.k12.nm.us
Benson, Kerry L.English Teacherkb1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Bernstein, ChristineSpanish/Social Studies Teachercab@pvs.k12.nm.us
Burks, TerrySocial Studies Teachertob@pvs.k12.nm.us
Cantu, Robert B.Transportation Managerrbc@pvs.k12.nm.us
Christensen, Thor K.Math Teachertkc@pvs.k12.nm.us
DeHerrera, Ricky B.Vocationalrd1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Dominguez, DianeCounselordad@pvs.k12.nm.us
Escalanti, Marian L.Tewa Teachermle@pvs.k12.nm.us
Escovedo, LorieCounselorlde@pvs.k12.nm.us
Exposito, RachelDistrict Library Managerre1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Flagg, RobertEnglish Teacherrpf@pvs.k12.nm.us
Fresquez, Sheila S.Instructional Assistant - Librarysfresquez@pvs.k12.nm.us
Garcia, Carrie A.Registrarcgarcia@pvs.k12.nm.us
Garcia, MichelleHealth Assistantmg1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Gonzales-Lujan, Johnell M.Math Teacherjmg@pvs.k12.nm.us
Gurule-Roybal, YmeldaCounselorygr@pvs.k12.nm.us
Hemperley, Michael "Skip"Assistant Principalmsh@pvs.k12.nm.us
Herrera, Carmen R.Instructional Assistant - Special Educationch1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Johnson, Gary J.Security/Transportation Directorgjj@pvs.k12.nm.us
Judd, NetaSecretaryncj@pvs.k12.nm.us
Loera, Mark P.Native American Support Specialistmpl@pvs.k12.nm.us
Lovato, Theresa C.Math Teachertcl@pvs.k12.nm.us
Lozano, AndreaSpanish Teacheraml@pvs.k12.nm.us
Madrid, AnnetteSecurity Guardasm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Maestas, LouieISS Monitorlrm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martin, Jolene O.English Teacherjom@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martin, MarcElectronic Learning Teachermdm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, FeliciaSecretaryfam@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, GloriaSpecial Education Teachergam@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, RamonaSpecial Education Teachermon@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, RandyVocationalrlm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Martinez, SandraSecurity Guardsm1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Miller-Martinez, Carmela Secretarycmm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Minyard, Debra S.Music Teacherdsm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Monroe, DavidSpecial Education Teacherdmm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Montoya, Angelo J.PE Teacherajm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Montoya, Mandy N.Social Studies Teachermnm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Morton, Jill A.District Nurse Managerjam@pvs.k12.nm.us
Moya, Cathleen C.Instructional Assistant - Special Educationccm@pvs.k12.nm.us
Oropeza, JorgeClassrrom A Teacherjao2@pvs.k12.nm.us
Quintana, Amber LynnFamily Consumer Science Teacheralq@pvs.k12.nm.us
Quintana, StephanieAthletic Secretarysaq@pvs.k12.nm.us
Redman, Chelsea D.Science Teachercdf@pvs.k12.nm.us
Reeves, MakennaScience Teachermcr@pvs.k12.nm.us
Robbins, JoshuaEnglish Teacherjcr@pvs.k12.nm.us
Roybal, CrystalInstructional Assistant - Special Educationcr2@pvs.k12.nm.us
Roybal, Dennis M.Security Guarddmr@pvs.k12.nm.us
Roybal, EdwinaCounseloredroy@pvs.k12.nm.us
Roybal, Joanna M.Spanish Teacherjroybal@pvs.k12.nm.us
Rudolph-Quintana, SusanSocial Studies Teachersmq@pvs.k12.nm.us
Salazar, ConsueloInstructional Assistant - Special Educationcs1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Salazar, Herman IIISecurity Guardhfs@pvs.k12.nm.us
Sanchez, Angelica M.Instructional Assistant - Special Educationas1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Segura, Stephanie L.Instructional Assistant - Special Educationsls@pvs.k12.nm.us
Senteney, Mark LeePE Teachermls1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Talache, JuanitaSecretaryjmt@pvs.k12.nm.us
Tarbet, JoannSpecial Education Teacherjat@pvs.k12.nm.us
Trujillo, Joey L.PE Teacherjt1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Trujillo, LenoreEnglish Teacherljt@pvs.k12.nm.us
Vigil, AdrienneScience Teacherav1@pvs.k12.nm.us
Vigil, ThomasSocial Studies Teachertpv@pvs.k12.nm.us
Williams, Marques H.Social Studies Teachermhw@pvs.k12.nm.us


AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system that is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. The AVID system accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional development, and acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change. Although AVID serves all students, it focuses on the least served students in the academic middle. The formula is simple – raise expectations of students and, with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge. What differentiates AVID from other educational reform programs is its astounding success rate. Since 1990, more than 85,500 AVID students have graduated from high school and planned to attend college. Of the 22 AVID 2010 seniors who reported their plans, 91.3% intended to attend a postsecondary institution; 58.3% in four-year institutions and 33.0% in two-year institutions.

The AVID Program was first introduced to the Pojoaque Valley School District in the fall of 2006 at the Middle School. The first AVID elective class offered at the High school was in the fall of 2008 to the freshman class. The Pojoaque Valley High School graduated its first AVID seniors in May 2011. Twenty-eight (28) of the twenty-nine (29) AVID seniors graduated!

AVID Coordinator:
Mrs. Deb Minyard

dsm@pvs.k12.nm.us or (505) 455-2234


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