Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (CIAC)

The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee was established in August 2005 for the purpose of advising and assisting the District Superintendent and Board of Education in preparing a long-range program for the development and maintenance of all facilities in the District.  The goal is to work towards making all facilities a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment for students and staff.

The committee membership consists of the District Superintendent and a minimum of five (5) community members (consisting of each school parent group i.e. elementary, intermediate, middle and high school, plus a member of one (1) at-large member) from the District. Appointments are held for one year. If you would like to be part of the committee, please contact Jake Stupka at:

Jeff Atencio – Board Member
Marcos Herrera – Community Member
Deborah McClard – Community Member
Victoria DeVargas – Chair
David Dogruel – Community/Safety Member
Tammy Soveranez – Community Member
Lawrence Ortiz – Operations
Gary Johnson – Director of Security/Transportation
Matt Martinez – Athletic Director
Pierce Jones – Director of Technology/Logistics/Facilities
Dr. Mel Morgan – Superintendent

Projects for the 2014/2015 School Year

PABLO ROYBAL ELEMENTARY HVAC Upgrades $1.1 million HoneyWell
New Security Camera System $270k Sandia Lightwave
New Radio System $33k A-1 Communications
New Intercom System for PVMS/SGA $40k PlanB Networks
Upgrade Fire Alarm Systems at PVIS/PVHS $55K RedHawk Industries
New Locks for Pablo Roybal Elementary $26k Security Hardware Solutions
New Football Field/Track Complex $1.1 million Lone Mountain
New Softball/Soccer Complex $1 million I.M. Roybal

Education Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)

From 2010/2011 school year to 2012/2013 school year; there has been a Technology Committee in place to address concerns and improvements relative to technology. In the 2013/2014 school year the committee addressed issues related to ‘Instructional Technology” to address issues in integrating technology into the curriculum. This school year, 2015/2016, our goal is to focus on operations and to find answers to common business problems we are currently facing in the school district. If you would like to be part of this committee, please email Jake Stupka at

Members 2015/2016
Pierce Jones – Chair of Committee
Jeff Atencio – Board Member


  • Develop new web site to be cleaner and more collective of information
  • Move staff and students to Google Mail and begin process of using Google tools
  • Implemented School Reach: An emergency broadcast system that creates the automation of calls to parents
  • Upgrade the Internet service from 3mb to 40mb and implemented web filtering policies that abide by CIPA regulations, but still provide flexibility for staff to advance curriculum using the web as an open resource
  • Implemented District Wide Wireless Network to prepare for B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device) in the coming years
  • Technology Committee selected PowerSchool as it’s new SIS and Parent Communication tool
  • Developed a State Approved Technology Plan that is good till 2014 (Please see Technology Department Page for information)
  • Upgraded technology in the classroom with the following: (1) New MAC Lab at the High School (2)PRES/PVIS staff received new iMac’s in the classroom (3) PRES/PVIS staff received new netbooks to use on the wireless network and to be used at home

2011/2012 Accomplishments

  • Migrated from JMAC to PowerSchool district wide; including opening parent portal for all parents
  • All High School teachers received new Macbooks with 22′ screens detached for dual screen layouts
  • Technology Committee approved the move from Microsoft Office to Open Office/Google Docs; providing the district in $40k in cost savings by moving away from Microsoft Office
  • Implemented 30 Projector Systems into all schools (PVIS has one in each classroom).
  • Implemented an Online Employment Application Portal to make screening of applicants easier and faster
  • Implemented 3 80″ Smartboards with 30 Smart Response Clickers at Pablo Roybal Elementary School & Pojoaque Valley Middle School
  • Implemented 3 iPad carts, one each at Pablo Roybal, Pojoaque Intermediate and Sixth Grade Academy
  • Created an iPad Pilot Project group with 20 students at the High School. This would test our teachers’ abilities on how to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Created an Electronic Communications Policy & Electronic Communication Device Policy to better suit a 21st Century Classroom experience(please see District Policy page under Community)
  • Visited Surprise, AZ School District to see how they were using technology in the classroom and to see how Pojoaque Schools competes on a national level with technology in the classroom

2012/2013 Accomplishments

  • Distributed 30 new laptops to all Sixth Grade Academy and Pojoaque Valley Middle School staff
  • Mac lab at High School received “green screen” to help further advance the Digital Imaging Class
  • Pojoaque Valley High School gets a new Dell Computer Lab in the Library and Pojoaque Valley Middle School receives a new computer lab
  • Pojoaque Valley Middle School receive new Mac Lab to help develop Yearbook program and Digital Imaging Class
  • Pojoaque Valley High School puts $55k into new lecture hall in room 132. This lecture hall will be the foundation of future online distance learning courses
  • New website is revamped for more visibility relative to social media
  • District will integrate Google Calendar, PowerSchool Daily Bulletin, Twitter and Facebook into the website to represent a more social networking feel
  • District will look into further advancing Edmodo across the district. Edmodo is a free software tool like Facebook, but designed specifically for education
  • District will implement a Managed VOIP system to save cost on telecommunications and to upgrade outdated phone equipment
  • District will begin a Professional Development Program for all staff that is geared towards successful integration of technology in the classroom.

2013/2014 Accomplishments

  • iVisions integration to help staff be more productive relative to personal needs dealing with time off request, paycheck views, W-2 information..etc..etc
  • SchoolReach expanded capabilities helps PVSD to integrate a CyberBullying Hotline
  • Pablo Roybal Elementary to receive 17 Smart Interactive Projection Systems
  • Pablo Roybal Elementary and PVIS receive document cameras in all classrooms
  • Pablo Roybal Elementary and PVIS all Teachers receive iPad’s to integrate with their Apple T.V’s
  • PVIS all classrooms receive Mimio SmartBoard Technology
  • Upgrade all staff to Microsoft Office 2013
  • Purchase and standardization of Keyboarding software for all computer labs K-8
  • Professional Development Program for all PRES/PVIS staff that is geared towards successful integration of technology in the classroom.

2014/2015 Accomplishments

  • Smartboards in all SGA/PVMS classrooms
  • New document cameras for PVHS/PVMS/SGA
  • New computer lab for PVMS
  • New T.V. Mounts in 16 classrooms at PVHS
  • New Website
  • New Mobile App
  • Transition to School Messenger
  • New Computers for Staff at Central Office and staff at all school sites
  • New District Wide Camera System
  • New Radio Communications System District Wide

Safety Advisory Committee (SAC)

In the 2014/2015 school year, much progress was made in upgrading our Video Security Surveillance System. A new system replaced the existing system at Pojoaque Valley High School. Security Cameras were also placed at Pablo Roybal Elementary and Pojoaque Valley Intermediate Schools.  The cameras at the Sixth Grad Academy and Pojoaque Valley Middle School were upgraded as well. All Cameras are now monitored by security from a central location. Security fencing at Pablo Roybal continues to be a priority with gates added on all breezeway entrances. This project will be completed during the 2015/2016 school year. The Transportation section has been moved to Security and will now be located in the PVHS Security Office. This years members for the 2015/2016 school year are as follows:


Dr. Melville (Mel) L. Morgan, Superintendent

Gary J. Johnson, Discipline Officer/Director of Security

Dave Dogruel, Community Member

Aric Wheeler, Discipline Officer

Jason Suazo, Maintenance Lead

Adolf Archuleta, Chief Security Officer

Lawrence Ortiz, Buildings & Grounds Director


Feel free to contact me if you would like to join or become a member of this committee.


Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)

The Finance and Audit Committee meets in the Spring to look at budgets and make recommendations.

Members of the committee and meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year will be posted soon.